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CCC Culinary Arts

CCC Culinary Arts


The Culinary Arts Management program is committed to providing a quality education and training for all students, especially those seeking to become hospitality professionals. Faculty members foster the growth of the individual by providing each student with the skills and knowledge to achieve excellence in his or her goals. The program works in partnership with the hospitality industry to benefit both the students and the professional.

Culinary Arts students hone their skills in real-world settings that offer a rich blend of theory, skill development, and practical application. Many students work and study in the on-campus restaurant, The Three Seasons, which is open to the public a few days a week. Others get practical experience by working on off-campus catering assignments or in internship settings. All students work in the commercial kitchen that is the heart of the program.

Individuals interested in culinary arts may choose to enroll in a few courses or pursue a series of courses that culminate in a certificate or degree. Those with an eye on a career in the industry may aim to become a chef in a restaurant, hotel or cruise ship, a pastry chef, baker, sous chef, caterer or restaurant owner. Culinary Arts is a career area offering jobs worldwide in a broad range of settings.

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